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Friday 29 August 2014

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Meeting of IASB representatives with the Global Preparers Forum, March 2014

Meetings diary

 Meeting of IASB representatives with the Global Preparers Forum, March 2014

: Tuesday 11 March 2014

: IASB Boardroom, First Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH

An audio recording of the meeting will be made available on the website shortly after the meeting finishes.

Observer Registration

To register as an observer for this meeting, please send an email to meetings@ifrs.org.  Please put "GPF meeting" in the subject line.  Please include in your e-mail details of your name and company. 

Agenda paper Title Listen
1 Agenda paper 1: IASB Work Plan update [PDF]
2 Agenda paper 2: Financial instruments: Accounting for macro hedging [PDF]
3 Agenda paper 3: IFRS 9 - Impairment [PDF]  
4 Agenda paper 4: Leases - Lessee accounting—ways to reduce costs and complexity [PDF]
Agenda paper 4A: The Leases project [PDF]
5 Agenda paper 5: IFRS Interpretations Committee update [PDF]
6 Agenda paper 6: Post-implementation review on IFRS 3 Business Combinations [PDF]
Agenda paper 6A: Post-implementation review: IFRS 3 Business Combinations [Background reading] [PDF]
7 Agenda paper 7: Accounting in a high inflationary economy or hyperinflationary economy - Hyperinflation accounting and Venezuela (Novartis presentation) [PDF]
8 Agenda paper 8: Conceptual Framework – Cover memo [PDF]
Agenda paper 8A: Conceptual Framework – Overview of responses received on the Conceptual Framework Discussion Paper [PDF]
Agenda paper 8B: Conceptual Framework – Purpose and status [PDF]
Agenda paper 8C: Conceptual Framework – Rate regulation: Assets and liabilities [PDF]