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Monday 29 August 2016

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 IFRS Advisory Council Feburary 2013


Scheduled meeting of the IFRS Advisory Council.

Date: 25 and  26 February 2013
Location: London UK

Agenda papers

The following agenda papers were discussed at this meeting, to access, click on the titles below.

Agenda paper Title     Listen
1 Agenda paper 1 – Report  of the IASB Chair [PDF]
Agenda paper 1a – Technical Projects — Update [PDF]

2 Agenda paper 2 – Accounting Standards Advisory Forum [PDF]
Agenda paper 2a – Results of a survey on the proposals for the Accounting Standards Advisory Forum among IFRS Advisory Council members [PDF]
Agenda paper 2b – Accounting Standards Advisory Forum (ASAF) and implications for the Advisory Council [PDF]

3 Agenda paper 3 – Establishing a dedicated research capacity for the IASB [PDF]
4 Agenda paper 4 – XBRL [PDF]
5 Agenda paper 5 – EFRAG, ANC & FRC Discussion Paper: Towards a Disclosure Framework for the Notes – Preliminary feedback analysis [PDF]
6 Agenda paper 6 – Disclosure [PDF]
Agenda paper 7 – IFRS Foundation due process [PDF]
8 Agenda paper 8 – Application of IFRSs around the world [PDF]
9 Agenda paper 9 – Summary of the Rate regulated Activities discussions at the October 2012 Council meeting [PDF]
Agenda paper 9a – Summary of the discussions at the October 2012 Council meeting on improving consistent application of IFRSs [PDF]
Agenda paper 9b – Summary of the discussions at the October 2012 Council meeting on developing an IASB dedicated research capacity [PDF]

10 Agenda paper 10 – Limited Amendments to IFRS 9 [PDF]