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Monday 28 July 2014

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Webcast series with the CFA Institute

As part of the Investor Education Programme to develop a comprehensive suite of investor products, the IASB will be developing a series of educational webcasts with the CFA Institute.


February 2014

What should investors expect?

In this first video of the series, Fred Nieto (IASB Investor Education Manager) and Vincent Papa (Director, CFA Institute) discuss the goals, priorities, and intended outreach of the IASB Investor Education Programme.

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February 2014

Off balance sheet accounting: plugging the loopholes

The second video of this series discusses the effects of the accounting for the various off balance sheet transactions that came into sharp focus during the financial crisis. In response to calls from a broad array of stakeholders, including the G20, the IASB amended its consolidation and structured entities requirements, with the objective of plugging the perceived loopholes in the related accounting.

This webcast highlights the rationale and nature of the key changes, their effective dates, and what investors can expect from the changes to consolidation and structured entity accounting and disclosure requirements.

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Fred Nieto
Investor Education Manager
email: fnieto@ifrs.org


Barbara Davidson
Principal, Investor Liaison
email: bdavidson@ifrs.org