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Tuesday 22 July 2014

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Investor Education video

Investor Education video: What Should Investors Expect?

 14 February 2014

As part of its objective to deliver useful accounting standards, the IASB /IFRS Foundation has been expanding its outreach activities to investors, including establishing an investor education function and appointing Fred Nieto as investor education manager. Prior to joining the IASB, Nieto was a sell-side equity analyst.

In this video, produced by the CFA Institute, Fred Nieto and Vincent Papa discuss the goals, priorities, and intended outreach of the investor education initiative.

Should you encounter any problems when viewing this video, please check that your computer is running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. (You can download it from here.) If you still cannot play the video, please email webmaster@ifrs.org.

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Fred Nieto
Investor Education Manager
email: fnieto@ifrs.org


Barbara Davidson
Principal, Investor Liaison
email: bdavidson@ifrs.org