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Sunday 29 March 2015

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 Unaccompanied IFRSs FAQs


What content is being provided for free?

The IFRS Foundation provides access free of charge to the PDF files of the current year's consolidated IFRSs, (Part A of the Red Book) the official pronouncements in English as issued by the IASB, as well as available translations of IFRSs-excluding the accompanying documents-illustrative examples, implementation guidance, bases for conclusions. 


Why have you decided to provide this content free of charge?

The IFRS Foundation always encourages the use and adoption of IFRSs. By making the unaccompanied IFRSs available without charge, we hope that we can reach a wider audience by giving more people ready access to the IFRSs.


I can see this year's unaccompanied IFRSs in English, but what about previous years?

Only the current year's unaccompanied IFRSs are available in English. These will be replaced each year, but we will not be supplying previous versions or updates during the year.

Why can't I see my language version?

The IFRS Foundation will provide language translations where it is practical to do so. However, as the translation process is funded by product sales, in some cases providing translations free of charge would dilute the funding available to produce the translations. Updated translations will be added as they become available. 


How do the translated versions differ from the English?

Translation of IFRSs requires time; the IFRS Foundation provides access free of charge to the most recent consolidated version available. The translations provided here correspond to the text used for the adoption of IFRSs into law by national governments. Some of the text in the English version of IFRSs is not appropriate for adoption into law and for this reason it has not been included in the translations.