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Saturday 27 August 2016

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IFRS for SMEs in Albanian / SNRF për NjVM 

IFRS for SMEs in Arabic / المعيار الدَّولي لإِعداد التقارير المالية للمنشآت الصَّغيرة والمتَوسطة

 IFRS for SMEs in Armenian / ՖՀՄՍ համար ՓՄՁ


IFRS for SMEs in Bosnian / MSFI za MSS:


IFRS for SMEs in Bulgarian / МСФО за МСП


IFRS for SMEs in Chinese / 中小主体国际财务报告准则


IFRS for SMEs in Croatian / MSFI za MSS:


IFRS for SMEs in Czech / IFRS pro SME

IFRS for SMEs in Estonian / Väike- ja keskmise suurusega ettevõtete rahvusvaheline:


 IFRS for SMEs in English:


IFRS for SMEs in French/ IFRS pour les PME:

IFRS for SMEs in Hebrew:


IFRS for SMEs in Italian / IFRS per le PMI, Il file contiene le tre sezioni seguenti:

- IFRS per le PMI
- Motivazioni per le conclusioni
- Bilancio esemplificativo e Presentazione e lista di controllo delle informazioni integrative

IFRS for SMEs in Japanese / 中小企業向け国際財務報告基準:


IFRS for SMEs in Kazakh:


IFRS for SMEs in Khmer:

IFRS for SMEs in Lithuanian:

IFRS for SMEs in Macedonian / МСФИ за МСЕ::


IFRS for SMEs in Mongolian:


IFRS for SMEs in Polish / MSSF dla MŚP w języku polskim :


IFRS for SMEs in Portuguese (Brazil) / IFRS para PMEs :


IFRS for SMEs in Romanian / IFRS pentru IMM-uri


IFRS for SMEs in Russian / МСФО® для предприятий МСБ

IFRS for SMEs in Serbian / IFRS® za SME

IFRS for SMEs in Spanish / NIIF para las PYMES


IFRS for SMEs in Turkish / Küçük ve Orta Büyüklükteki İşletmeler İçin Uluslararası Finansal Raporlama Standardıs (IFRS for SMEs):

IFRS for SMEs in Ukrainian / МСФЗ для МСП

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