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Sunday 30 April 2017

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 IFRS for SMEs Section 1, Issue 3

Interpretation of 'traded in a public market'

14 April 2011

Draft Q&A issued for public comment

Comment deadline

To submit comments please send your comment as a PDF or a Word document to commentletters@ifrs.orgby 15 June 2011.


Published 7 December 2011: Final Q&A 2011/03

Comment letters

Date Submitter Link
22/04/2011 School of Accountancy, Wits University, South Africa  
14/06/2011 Michel Barbet-Massin, Mazars  
14/06/2011 Modest Hamalabbi, Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants  
14/06/2011 Edison Arisa Pereira, Comite de Pronunciamentos Contebeis (CPC)   
15/06/2011 Ernst & Young Global Limited   
15/06/2011 Mohammad Faiz Azim, Malaysian Accounting Standards Board   
15/06/2011 Steve Ong, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants  
15/06/2011 Siew Luie Soh, Singapore Accounting Standards Council  
15/06/2011 Kenneth C Sharp, Grant Thornton  
15/06/2011 PricewaterhouseCooper LLP  
15/06/2011 Dr Orhan Celik, Turkish Accounting Standards Board  
15/06/2011 Francoise Flores, EFRAG   
15/06/2011 Mark Kenny, Chartered Accountants Ireland   
20/06/2011 Eddy James, ICAEW   
30/06/2011 Tim Ward, Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA)   

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