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Wednesday 30 July 2014

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DPOC meetings, including papers and reports

Due Process Oversight Meeting October 2011


The Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC) meeting was held during the Trustees' meeting in Paris, France - 13 October 2011.

To see the papers for the whole Trustees' meeting, click here.

Below are papers and further information relating to the DPOC.

Agenda paper Title and presenter
3A Agenda paper 3A: Due Process Oversight Committee - draft operating protocol memo[PDF]
3A-appendix Agenda paper 3A-appendix: Due Process Oversight Committee - draft operating protocol[PDF]
3B Agenda paper 3B: Post-implementation review planning: Revised approach [PDF]
3C Agenda paper 3C: Agenda consultation [PDF]
3D Agenda paper 3D: Trustees' review of efficiency and effectiveness of the IFRS Interpretations Committee - update and feedback [PDF]
3F Agenda paper 3F: Update on projects - cover memo [PDF]
3F(ii) Agenda paper 3F(ii): Update on projects - offsetting Board paper [PDF]
3H Agenda paper 3H: Trustees' report for XBRL activities [PDF]
3I Agenda paper 3I: NSS paper on outreach [PDF]