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Thursday 28 July 2016

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Comment letters

 Comment letters

LetterSubmitterSort OrderOrganisationSort Order
CL107Tim Matthews 
CL2Doug Hester 
CL4Chris Russell-Rockliff 
CL155Paul H Nettleship 
CL106WaiChan Chan 
CL119P.A. Pieterse van Wijck 
CL38 [Joint] Fabrizio Cerbioni, Marco Ciabattoni, Armando Grigolon, Alessandra Mingozzi, Antonio Parbonetti, Nicola Piovan (University of Padova)
CL22 Accounting Standards Board
CL60 Accounting Standards Board
CL77 African Consulting Entreprise
CL98 Altaf Noor Ali Chartered Accountant
CL85 American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
CL10 Anangu Accounting Agency
CL141 ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA)
CL113 Association Francaise des Investisseurs en Capital (AFIC)
CL100 Association of Accounting Technicians
CL118 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) (UK)
CL57 Association of Consulting Actuaries
CL151 Association of Finnish Accounting Firms
CL53 Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce
CL42 Association of International Accountants
CL3 Association of the Bavarian Chambers of Business, Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Bavarian Association of Cooperatives, Association of Bavarian Savings Banks
CL115 Australian Accounting Standards Board
CL56 Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
CL153 Austrian Financial Reporting and Auditing Committee (AFRAC)
CL135 BDO International
CL148 BHP Billiton
CL110 British Accounting Association's Financial Accounting and Reporting Special Interest Group
CL52 BT Group PLC
CL66 Bundessteuerberaterkammer
CL32 Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. Germany
CL129 C. Hecht, D&L GmbH, BPG GmbH, Treuh.-ges. Herrmann GmbH
CL144 Canadian Accounting Standards Board
CL46 Certified General Accoutants Association of Canada
CL87 CFA Institute
CL14 Charity Commission
CL71 City Group P.L.C
CL79 Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Colombia
CL158 Collegio de Contadores Publicos de Costa Rica (Institute of Public Accountants of Costa Rica)
CL133 Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
CL63 Conseil National de la Comptabilité (CNC)
CL80 Consejo De Vigilancia De La Profesion De Contaduria
CL83 Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (CFC)
CL93 Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti and the Consiglio Nazionale dei Ragionieri
CL70 Coop de France
CL123 Cooperatives Europe
CL11A CPA Australia