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Monday 29 May 2017

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The PiR of IFRS 3 was discussed by the IASB

 22 November 2013

The staff informed the IASB about the results of the consultations and activities undertaken during Phase I of the Post-implementation Review (PiR) of IFRS 3 Business Combinations.

Input gathered during Phase I

The staff informed the IASB that the input gathered during Phase I of the review had been classified into two broad categories:

  1. issues dealing with the usefulness of the information provided by the Standard; and
  2. practical implementation issues.

In addition, the staff had assigned a degree of relevance (high, medium, low) to each of those issues and had provided a rationale for that ranking in order to assist in the selection of the areas and questions that are to be included in the Request for Information (RfI).

Proposed questions for the RfI

The IASB considered the tentative set of areas and individual questions to be included in the RfI and provided feedback to the staff.

Next steps

The staff plan to bring to the December 2013 meeting an updated version of the tentative questions for the IASB’s consideration.


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