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Thursday 27 April 2017

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Round-table discussions

Round-table discussions

The IASB held round-table discussions on the proposed amendments to IAS 37 in three locations on the following dates:

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The purpose of these discussions was to hear participants� views on the tentative conclusions reached by the Board after its redeliberation of issues associated with the recognition and measurement principles proposed in the ED. The discussions also provided the Board with an opportunity to explain further the principles underlying the proposed amendments to IAS 37 and to outline developments in its thinking since the ED was published. The agenda also allowed time to discuss participants� views on other amendments proposed in the ED.



More than 75 organisations and individuals from 12 different countries participated in the round-table discussions.


Background paper

A background paper was distributed to all participants prior to the meeting. As the starting point for discussions, the paper posed questions that focused on the most problematic issues considered by the Board prior to the round-table discussions.


Outcome of the round-table discussions

The Board considered the staff�s summary of all five round-table discussions at its Board meeting in January 2007.



Additionally, all of the round-table discussions were open to observation by the press and public.

Click here  to access audio playbacks of each round-table discussion.


The round-table discussions were used in planning the next steps in this project.

Click here for more information on the proposed amendments to IAS 37 and the current status of this project.


Other information

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