Global Standards for the world economy

Monday 29 May 2017

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Comment letters

 Comment Letters

LetterSubmitterSort OrderOrganisationSort Order
CL7Bill Hicks 
CL9Ms Chew King Lau 
CL15Mr Steven Shamrock, CPA 
CL19Miss Mary Aleksanyan 
CL18Ms Angelica Boyrazyan 
CL28Mrs Janet Morrill 
CL46Loyola MBA students Saccomando and Young 
CL50Dr Pearl Tan 
CL55Mr Takeshi Imamura 
CL84Pieter van Wijck 
CL137James B. Milholland 
CL167Mrs Denise S F Juvenal 
CL182Mr Mark Robert 
Comment Letters  
CL134 A group of Japanese companies
CL95 ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
CL12 Accounting Standards Board
CL83 Accounting Standards Board of Japan
CL35 AkzoNobel
CL40 Alcoa Inc.
CL148 Allianz SE
CL92 Allied Irish Bank Plc
CL160 American Bankers Association
CL71 American Council of Life Insurers
CL180 Anglo American plc
CL138 Association for Financial Markets in Europe
CL43 Association of British Insurers
CL21 Association of Chief Financial Officers Germany
CL34 Association of German Banks
CL107 Association of German Public Sector Banks
CL69 AstraZeneca
CL145 Audit Commission
CL11 Australasian Council of Auditors- General
CL188 Australian Accounting Standards Board
CL10 Australian Joint Accounting Bodies
CL36 Autorite des Normes Comptables (ANC)
CL56 Baker Tilly
CL170 Balfour Beatty plc
CL91 Barclays Bank plc
CL99 BDO China Li Xin Da Hua CPA Co.,LTD.
CL210 BHP Billiton Ltd
CL186 Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR)
CL191 BP plc
CL194 Brazilian Accounting Pronouncements Committee (CPC)