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Tuesday 23 May 2017

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Project news

Project news

Updated information on Insurance Contracts project's progress is now available

 23 June 2014

The following information has been added to the Insurance Contracts project website:

  • Podcast - Summary of tentative decisions from the June 2014 IASB meeting
    Darrel Scott, IASB member, and Andrea Pryde, IASB staff, summarise the preliminary discussion on contracts with participating features as well as tentative decisions from the June 2014 IASB meeting. Those decisions address non-targeted issues. Listen to the June Insurance Contracts podcast.
  • Updated summary of effect of redeliberations on the ED
    This staff paper indicates where and how the proposals in the 2013 Exposure Draft Insurance Contracts would change as a result of the IASB’s tentative decisions to date. (June 2014)
    View the document: Effect of redeliberations on the ED.
  • Project Update - Updated overview of the Insurance Contracts project
    An overview summarising the progress on the project, including tentative decisions to date (June 2014)
    View the document: Insurance Contracts: Project Overview.