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Monday 24 October 2016

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Agenda consultation

2011 consultation document and comment letters

 2011 consultation and comment letters


Through the agenda consultation the IASB is seeking the input from all interested parties on the strategic direction and the broad overall balance of the work plan. The agenda consultation will provide the Board with important input when considering possible agenda items

Since the creation of the IASB in 2001, IFRSs have increasingly become the internationally accepted financial reporting language around the world. As the number of jurisdictions applying IFRSs increases, stakeholders have identified new accounting issues for consideration by the IASB.

The IASB's agenda consultation document asks deliberately open questions to gather the input on the IASB's future work programme from all those involved in or affected by financial reporting. In particular, the IASB is seeking input on how it should balance the development of financial reporting with the maintenance of IFRSs and - considering time and resource constraints - what are the areas of financial reporting that should be given the highest priority for further improvement.

Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman of the IASB, wrote an open letter calling for feedback on the IASB's work programme.

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Access the Agenda Consultation document

 The deadline for comments was 30 November 2011.

Click here to read the comment letters.

Agenda Consultation 2011: Comment letter deadline
Request for views [PDF] The deadline for comments was 30 November 2011.
Appel à commentaires: Consultation 2011 sur le programme de travail [French][PDF] Date limite de réception des commentaires : le 30 novembre 2011
意見募集: アジェンダ協議2011 [Japanese][PDF] コメント募集期限:20111130

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