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Monday 29 May 2017

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Emissions Trading Schemes

IASB meeting summaries

 IASB May 2010



The IASB discussed the emissions trading scheme research paper written and presented by a former IASB Industry Fellow, Nikolaus Starbatty. The staff intend to publish the paper as a Staff Research Paper in the next few months, because they believe it will be a helpful resource for those interested in the joint project on emissions trading schemes. The Staff Research Paper will reflect the views of Nikolaus, who will be identified as the author.

The Board did not make any technical decisions at this meeting, but instead provided Niko with comments on the paper. The research paper provides a description of the mechanisms and types of emissions trading schemes, as well as an outline of other types of regulation that restrict access to resources. The paper also provides a brief description of the joint project on emissions trading schemes. The Board requested that additional information be included in the research paper relating to the accounting issues in emissions trading schemes that the staff and the boards are currently debating.

Date: 5/20/2010