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Friday 26 May 2017

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ITCG June Discussions


ITCG June Face to Face Discussions

 19 July 2016

The IASB's Taxonomy Consultative Group (ITCG) held a face to face meeting 7 June 2016. 

Topics discussed were:

  • update on the Board’s work to improve communication of financial information, including the IFRS Taxonomy;
  • use of structured electronic reporting, including the IFRS Taxonomy;
  • IFRS Taxonomy implementation guidance;
  • IFRS Taxonomy content areas for review;
  • IFRS Taxonomy educational materials—Guide to Understanding the IFRS Taxonomy Common Practice Content; Implementation of Taxonomy Packaging 1.0–Versioning control and translations; and
  • ITCG member updates.

View the ITCG June meeting summary.