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Tuesday 23 May 2017

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Significant upgrades to the IFRS Research Centre web pages

 21 November 2014

The IFRS Foundation has today published significant changes and additions to the IFRS Research Centre web pages.

The Research Centre is an important tool designed to support the IASB’s Research Programme, which draws upon a combination of internal and external intellectual resources, including engagement with the academic community.

The Research Centre was launched with the purpose of raising awareness of our work with the wider research community.

As well as changing the way in which the Research Centre pages are organised to be more intuitive for visitors, we have also added a significant amount of new content to the following sections: 

  • Evidence-supported standard-setting—a concise description of the IASB’s Research Programme as a whole and what it aims to achieve.
  • Research opportunities—a section identifying specific research topics of interest to the IASB, including projects on the IASB’s Research Programme (Work Plan), information about upcoming Post-implementation Reviews (PIRs) and other general issues.
  • Research impact—a number of examples of how various published research has already contributed to the IASB’s standard-setting. This section also includes a video of April Pitman and Peter Clark discussing academic research in the PIR of IFRS 8 Operating Segments.
  • News and events—information about various research-related news and events, including our twice-yearly newsletter IFRS Research Round-up.

The Research Centre also includes video recordings of, and papers and commentaries from, the IASB Research Forum 2014 in Oxford, as well as information about the upcoming Research Forum 2015 in Hong Kong.

We invite you to visit the web pages and to explore the features and content at the IFRS Research Centre


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