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Monday 30 May 2016

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IASB publishes Exposure Draft: Acquisition of an Interest in a Joint Operation (Proposed amendment to IFRS 11)

 13 December 2012

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) today published for public comment an Exposure Draft of a proposed narrow-scope amendment to IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements.

IFRS 11 does not give explicit guidance on the accounting for acquisitions of interests in joint operations. The objective of the proposed amendment is to add new guidance to IFRS 11 on accounting for the acquisition of an interest in a joint operation in which the activity of the joint operation constitutes a business, as defined in IFRS 3 Business Combinations.

The IASB proposes that acquirers of such interests shall apply the relevant principles on business combination accounting in IFRS 3 and other Standards, and disclose the relevant information specified in these Standards for business combinations.

The issue originated from a submission to the IFRS Interpretations Committee. As a result, the Interpretations Committee recommended that the IASB should amend IFRS 11. The Exposure Draft can be accessed via the ‘Comment on a proposal’ page.  The IASB requests comments on these proposals by 23 April 2013.


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