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Wednesday 26 November 2014

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 Speaking engagements


The IFRS Foundation is the oversight body of the IASB and acts on behalf of, and in the interest of, the IASB.

  • The IFRS Foundation charges a fee for the participation of IASB members and staff in any conference or seminar organised for commercial purposes.
  • For all other events, such as those organised by societies, associations, charities, educational bodies or non-profit organisations, the IFRS Foundation may, at its discretion, waive a fee for any IFRS Foundation or IASB participation.


  • For an IASB member, the fee is £5,000 per day or part day.
  • For technical staff, the fee is £1,500 per day or part day.
  • These amounts are indivisible and non-negotiable, and are payable if one or more speeches or appearances are made in a day at an event.
  • For ‘exclusive arrangements’ in corporate events organised jointly with major firms or multinational corporations, the IFRS Foundation may seek a discretionary fee, typically £30,000, in addition to the amounts stated in paragraphs 4 and 5.


  • Travel, accommodation and related expenses incurred by an IASB member or a member of the technical staff in relation to a speaking engagement are the responsibility of the conference organiser that invited the speaker.


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